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When you’re away from home, what does watching your home really mean to the person you asked to be your eyes and ears while you’re away? Local advertisements, newspapers and unexpected packages regularly show up at your front door and must be removed promptly. Trash and recycling containers need to be placed for pickup and removed promptly. Interior and exterior lights have to be turned on and turned off in a logical presentation that suggests you are home. Failure to remove packages, newspapers and advertisements from front porches, failure to place and remove trash and recycling containers in a logical and timely manner, and failure to present logical exterior and interior lighting cycles suggests your home is unoccupied and an easy target for bad actors intending home burglaries. Do you expect a volunteer to do all of that?

Did the person you asked to be your eyes and ears while you’re away expect to do all the tasks you expected them to do? Probably not. Did you ask that family member, neighbor or friend to present your home so it appears from the street that you were home? Did they know what to do, did they know what you expected? Probably not. Would they have taken on the responsibility for the security of your home if they were aware of everything you wanted done?

Residential burglaries and car burglaries are increasing in frequency and burglars are emboldened because unoccupied homes, even short-term unoccupied homes, are unwittingly presented as easy targets. Bad actors are on the streets at times they think you’re not home or not awake, and when they think local law enforcement is preoccupied. Bad actors are looking for vehicles with key fobs still in the vehicles. They’re smart people, they don’t break windows of locked vehicles to get at an exposed laptops, wallets, or valuables, they simply move on the next car. In very short order, a bad actor will find a vehicle whose owner left their vehicle unlocked with a key fob and valuables inside. A key fob sometimes has house keys attached. House keys are an invitation to the vehicle owner’s unoccupied OR OCCUPIED home. When bad actors are at your neighbors’ homes they’re also looking at your home. Have you prepared?

Is that package still on your front porch? Has the weekly newspaper been picked up? Have the landscapers and contractors done what they’ve been contracted to do? The home’s interior lights are off and the home is dark, is someone home, does it matter? As we can see from local news reports and police department alerts, it doesn’t seem to matter if bad actors think you and your family are inside or not. A bad actor could be in your home. Are you at home?

HomeWatch of Westfield offers burglary deterrence services that are specifically tailored to a homeowner’s hame and lifestyle. We also assist homeowners with identifying simple solutions that make homes more secure and less attractive to bad actors.

Home Watch Services

Home Watch Overview

When you’re away, who’s watching your home?  You’re on top of the maintenance of all of the systems in your home when you are there.  Occasionally the power goes out and electronic systems and timers fail to appropriately reset, sometimes your HVAC system will become temporarily disabled.  Humidity creeps in and if you’re only gone for the day or so you’ll come home to temporarily uncomfortable home.  If you’re away for a longer period with the HVAC not working mold could develop.  That’s a problem.  Even if you’re away for a short time, a water pipe or washing machine hose rupture can create big problems.  If your away for an extended period and the pipes burst that problem that’s going to likely be devastating and run into thousands of dollars.  And the list goes on and on and on.  You see the point, when you’re away from home, things can go wrong, so who’s watching your home?  Who is acting as your eyes and ears?  Who is acting in your best interest? 

Dependable PEACE OF MIND

HomeWatch of Westfield is the logical choice to watch your home while you’re away. Our years of law enforcement training in conjunction with our designation as a Certified Home Watch Professional assures you, our home owner client, that you are receiving the most dependable and trustworthy Home Watch services possible.  If issues do arise and notification is necessary, be assured we will contact you immediately, either by text or direct notification.  All communications from HomeWatch of Westfield to you will be timely, accurate and comprehensive.

Services Provided

Our Home Watch Inspections are done on a daily, weekly, or biweekly basis.

Our services include but are not limited to:


Burglary Deterrence


General home systems checks for leaks, odors, malfunctions, and failures


Garage, shed, and property inspections


Removal of unwanted advertisements, newspapers, and promotional items from the front porch and grounds


Exterior integrity inspections

Concierge Services


Delivered package removal from front porches


Garbage and recycling bins placed and removed on appropriate days


Mail forwarding


COVID liaison services


Standby for contractor services


Acceptance of deliveries


Personal vehicle inspections


Courier / Errand services


Contractor oversight


Other services

Storm Services


Pre-storm preparation


Post storm assessment

Tactical Concierge Services


On site representative for burglar / systems alarm activation


Key holder services


Other confidential services


Pre return home house clearing (check) and preparation
(A pre return home clearing is a physical check of the interior of a home to ensure you that no unauthorized persons are in your home upon your arrival and that all home systems and intact and properly functioning. These checks are done within a short time before your return.)

Aerial Photography

HomeWatch of Westfield offers aerial photograph service.  Photographs taken by a UAV (drone) document the layout of a home and property and can document a home’s condition and/or any identified damage. 

Home owners and real-estate professionals benefit from drone-sourced photographs.  Aerial photographs are not a routine Home Watch service, prior authorization and a separate agreement is required. 

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Home Watch Reporting

HomeWatch of Westfield uses the HomeWatchIT inspection and reporting system.  Please review the video below to see the benefits to you!

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