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Westfield, Cranford, New Providence, Berkeley Heights, Watchung, Summit, Millburn, Short Hills, Madison, Chatham and surrounding areas

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Service area

Westfield, Cranford, New Providence, Berkeley Heights, Watchung, Summit, Millburn, Short Hills, Madison, Chatham and surrounding areas

A Retired
New Jersey State Trooper
Owned Business

Watching Your Home While You’re Away.

Your ears and eyes when you’re not home.

Your advocate.

Benefits Of Professional Home Watch Services

A Trained and Experienced Retired Law Enforcement Professional / Home Watch Inspector

A family member, neighbor, or friend is under no obligation to conduct a thorough exterior and interior inspection of your home according to your expectations.  An experienced investigator / home watch inspector is trained to recognized standards, will watch your home as contracted, will be your eyes and ears, and will be your advocate while you’re away.  A professionally done inspection is always done on schedule and is always comprehensive.  All professional home watch services are always security-minded and discreet.

Bonded and Insured

In accordance with terms of membership of the National Home Watch Association, a professional home watch service is bonded and is fully insured.

Coronavirus Transmission Prevention

A professional home watch service and its investigator / home watch inspector is fully vaccinated and abides by published COVID anti-transmission/prevention guidelines.

Burglary Deterrent

Tactically presenting a home and property as occupied and secure deters bad actors and sends them elsewhere.  Poorly-presented occupied and unoccupied homes are targets of burglars.  Burglary deterrence is a core function.

Home Watch Inspection Services Mitigate the Effects of Home System Failures

Frequent inspections identify and remediate exterior situations suggesting a home is an easy target for burglars.  Frequent inspections also identify interior home system issues before issues become complicated matters and devastating losses.  Home watch inspections are done on agreed upon intervals ranging from daily to weekly to bi-weekly.

What Our Clients Say...

“I have known Steve & have relied on his expertise for over 2+ years. He is dependable, incredibly responsive &, above all, trustworthy. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any friend or loved one in need of these services.”


“Steve is intuitive and efficient. He returns phone calls promptly and is always prepared.”


Home  Watch

Home Watch is defined as “a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.”

Our Owner

Stephen motyczka

Stephen motyczka


Retired New Jersey State Trooper

HomeWatch of Westfield is owned and operated by 25 years plus Westfield resident and retired New Jersey State Trooper Stephen Motyczka.

Steve is an Accredited Member of the National Home Watch Association.  Additionally, he has achieved the designation of Certified Home Watch Professional by the NHWA.

Steve’s law enforcement career began as a patrolman with the Westfield Police Department and concluded in one of the most sensitive positions in the New Jersey State Police. …Read more

General FAQ’s

1. What is Home Watch?
Home Watch is a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues. Home Watch is a critical look at readily accessible exterior and interior areas of your home, looking for situations that attract home burglars and for obvious issues effecting structural and home system issues. Home Watch is burglary deterrence. Home Watch identifies and reconfigures any condition, situation, or circumstance that suggest a home is an easy target for burglars.

Whether you’re a daily commuter going to work for the day, going on a short vacation or leaving for a season, or require that contractors have supervised access to your home, or require the verification of work done by contractors, or require another concierge service, HomeWatch of Westfield can provide key holder services and other concierge services. A HomeWatch of Westfield inspection of a home done while the home owner is away brings peace of mind.

2. What is Home Watch of Westfield?

HomeWatch of Westfield is not a security company. We do not install alarms or surveillance cameras. HomeWatch of Westfield is a locally owned and operated, retired New Jersey State Trooper owned business that affords its home owner clients, who are away from home for any length of time, peace of mind by carrying out extensive visual inspections of homes looking for obvious exterior security and interior home systems issues. To provide the most comprehensive and effective Home Watch services possible, HomeWatch of Westfield adheres to best practices recommended by the National Home Watch Association and employs the same security measures and situational awareness techniques recommended by federal government and state government homeland security agencies.

3. What is Burglary Deterrence?

Burglary deterrence is those techniques and tactics that suggest you the home owner client is at home, is actively engaged in the security of your home, and that your home is an unattractive, difficult target for burglars. Burglary deterrence measures are tailored specifically for your home, your lifestyle, and your needs. All techniques and methods regarding burglary deterrence are home and home owner’s lifestyle specific. HomeWatch of Westfield never employs a typical home security technique. All burglary deterrence techniques and tactics are confidential and not for public announcement on this website.

4. When are Home Watch Inspections done?

HomeWatch of Westfield generally conducts inspections weekdays during business hours, however, weekday inspections can be done anytime from sunrise to sunset.  Upon request, Home Watch inspections can be done during times of school drop-offs or school dismissal times, or other notable times.  Weekend Home Watch inspections, and concierge and special service requests usually require pre-booking.

5. I have surveillance cameras, why do I need HomeWatch of Westfield to watch my home while I’m away?

Surveillance cameras are great aids to police investigators who are investigating the burglary of a home. On many occasions surveillance camera video provides police with descriptions and identifiers of bad actors. Cameras however, are not burglary deterrence, they simply document bad actors who believe a home is an easy target for burglary. Because bad actors are caught on video, they are within arms length of a home owner’s doors and windows. When bad actors are recorded on surveillance camera video some situation beyond the camera led these actors to believe that their choice of burglary target was an easy target. HomeWatch of Westfield’s burglary deterrence techniques and tactics presents a home as being occupied, the home owners as being security-engaged, and the home as an unattractive and difficult burglary target. HomeWatch of Westfield’s burglary deterrence keeps bad actors away from a home.

6. Do you guarantee that my home will not be burglarized?

NO! HomeWatch of Westfield cannot guarantee that your home will not be burglarized either while you’re away while you and your family are at home. To mitigate the possibility of burglary, we take all reasonable measures already in use by structures and facilities deemed to be critical infrastructure and high-value targets and apply them to your home’s exterior security and presentation.

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Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of HomeWatch of Westfield to always deliver to our home watch clients, at a reasonable cost, the finest individually-tailored home watch services possible and to continuously upgrade and make more efficient those home watch services.  It is also our mission to be our home owner client’s eyes and ears and to act as their advocate, to always act in the best interests of our home owner clients, and to anticipate the needs of our home owner clients.

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